Entry 1
King Holva conscripted (what does that even mean? reminder to me to ask a Priest) me to deliver a message orb to King Asour-Mantir in Glavis today. As a glaive, I feel honored to be trusted in such a task but I sometimes wonder if we’re just being reduced to simple messengers, delivering messages from king to king like, “Let’s do lunch” or, “My kingdom is better than your kingdom.”

Entry 2
Asked a priest what “conscripted” means. It’s my new word of the day.

Conscripted the help of Shiro, who as you know, still owes me one (reminder to ask Priest if this is the right use of conscripted). I keep thinking the debt of saving his life will be repaid someday (even if it’s just his ice sword, that I keep eyeing) but he’s good for a laugh, especially when he can’t hold his liquor.

Also brought along Nierest and his friend Skylar. Ever since he figured out my bio-mech additions I feel like I need to keep him close. He won’t say anything. I’m almost sure. Mostly. I think.

Entry 3
Green goo sucks! Some wood people things tried to ambush us and all they managed to do was get green goo on me. That stuff is a bitch to get out of the cloak! Nierest fried them with some lightening cypher he found (which he didn’t need to use…I mean, I was there!). But damn! Green goo? Really? And then Nierest wouldn’t let me use a leaf to wipe it off! So what if it “feels cold” when he points it south? I was goo’ed!

Entry 4
We finally made it to Ishlav. And a tavern at last. But could Tuck finally relax? NOOOO! Not only did Nierest want to talk to someone all weird and mysterious (what tavern DOESN’T have one?) but I also had to, yet again, drag Shiro out stinkin’ drunk. But he does act funny when he drinks. Not the vomiting part. I was almost goo’ed again!

Entry 5
What is it about Nierest and his interest in this leaf? All I want to do is deliver this message and move on to a much more exciting and challenging adventure worthy of a glaive. Tried to score some boosts and treats but the locals didn’t seem to know what I was talking about. Why does no one get me??

Entry 6
Yet another distraction keeping me from delivering this damn message. Is it really worth it?

The Iron Wind forced us to take shelter inside a cave. Apparently Skylar is all nuts about that stuff but unless it’s a shortcut to Glavis, so what? To make matters worse, Nierest and Skylar go poking and prodding an orb on a pedestal. I tried to tell them to leave it alone but they apparently pissed it off because we ended up falling 20 feet through the floor. Anyways, some robotic-type being shows up (not even any usable parts!), Nierest teaches it to talk (was that really necessary?) and I got bored when they started talking about planets, units of time or whatever. Did I mention it had a really screwed up face? Ugly. Really.

Entry 7
And again their poking and prodding and touching things has gotten us in a fix. The screwed-up-face being has trapped us in this illusion where we all get what we want, but it’s not real! Which makes Tuck wonder: Is this journal real?


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