Entry 1

Seems I’ve been pulled into an adventure.. Damn Tuck for remembering that i owe him one.. Whatever a quest means a reward (Perhaps my dream of owning a boat shall come true :D ) Anyway seems the quest is a simple delivery and Tuck says he is getting two more people to join us (means we gotta split the reward damn) some Nano named Nierest and another Jack by the name of Skylar (a girl?). Either way we leave for Glavis soon hopefully this won’t take long.

Entry 2

After 30 days or so finally entered Ancuan only alittle while longer. Turns out that Skylar person is some girl (woohoo) she is an interesting character so far and that Nierest well dont know how i feel about him feel he is gonna get us killed somehow..damn knowledge seeker. Also for skilled adventures seems I am the only one to bring a tent and I ain’t sharing. I digress. We were attacked today by some weird grass monkeys damn things came outta nowhere and gave me a spook. Fell on my face and ate sand. Seems Nierest took them out with his cypher, turned them all to ash. Interesting. He also found some weird leaf, apparently got cold when he faced south. We decided to make a pit stop at Ishlav so we began to continue forward.

Entry 3

Never liked the city always loved the outdoors and wilderness. Ishlav had a tavern and that is probably the only reason I even entered the city. Lovely tavern had me a couple of shots apparently. The memories of the day were kinda fuzzy… I trusted Skylar to tell me what happened. So according to her Nierest met a weird man that told him about the leaf saying it leads to a treasure of cyphers or something either way we can sell them so woohoo. Then they took me to those weird Aion Priests… threw up on their doorstep Ha serves them right. Anyway the priest confirmed what the weird guy said about the leaf so we decided to stay the night at the town before leaving to continue on the quest. Skylar helped me build my tent. How nice of her.

Entry 4

Damn near was killed by the Iron wind damn nanites gone haywire.. Pushed everyone into a cave and tried to block the entrance with a barrier of ice… it didn’t form and we had to venture deeper into the cave. There was a weird sphere on a pedestal and a dead end. Nierest tried to examine it and a hole appeared under us. As we fell I cursed at Nierest in my head. When we finally hit the ground we were in some dark room no reflection of light or anything. We got up and decided to move southward to try and find an exit. After 20 minutes or so we hit a wall. Skylar touched it and a metal man formed from it. It spoke in a strange tongue and I decided to tie it up with 50 ft of rope. I didn’t trust this thing. Nierest tried to speak with it and it seems to have began to learn our language. It phased through the rope and returned to its wall then appeared again before us though different… It’s shape had Nierest’s clothing but it’s face was contorted as if a mix of all our faces. It shed some light on the room we were in. THE ROOM WAS SMALL AND CIRCULAR! Whatever this thing was it had the ability to change things to fit its desire. I wanted out. It wanted toys…us. I told it that we had a quest and after the quest was complete we would return to it (perfect lie). It agreed and let us go.

Entry 5

FUCK THAT METAL THING. A few days after we left the robot we got to Glavis and completed our quest. The king seemed generous in our reward… I asked for 50 shins each and he made it so…I asked for a ship and he gave me one. This had me confused. No king would give a lowly person like me a vessel let alone a full crew to run it. This couldn’t be real. But i held my tongue. We split up Tuck and Nierest went to a cypher shop while me and Skylar went to find a bath house. I told Skylar that this couldn’t be real and that it is most likely a illusion, but I wanted to confirm it first before telling the other two. As we turned a corner a bathhouse came into view. I rushed ahead and went into the ladies side. My suspicions were proven true as I entered all the women quickly walked over to me as if infatuated with me. I quickly rushed out and met with Skylar as the Metal man appeared asking if we were pleased. I pulled my blade and threatened it. It reacted by teleporting us into a field with a large monster. This thing had us trapped with no way out… damn old world tech….


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