Tuck's Journal, Session 3

Entry 1
Finally delivered King Holva’s message to King Asour yesterday, and it was not a good message I guess. Now I must return to Thaemor and inform Holva of our experience.

I don’t think the others understand how important it is to get back to Auspar, especially while on the run and escaping a very pissed off king. Except perhaps Nierest. We needed a faster way to travel and he recognized that. At first I didn’t think his suggestion of just stealing garthoks from the first ones we see was a good idea but this is the reason I asked him to join me in my task – he knows how to get the things we need when we need it. Skylar doesn’t like this plan but we need to be able to travel faster and this is the best way to do that.

Entry 2
It didn’t take long before we found an unsuspecting traveler with a garthok. Nierest wanted me to knock him down and I did. Shiro, still proving why I had to save his life, ended up falling on the ground again. He came through when we needed help escaping from the king’s castle in Glavis so I’m not ready to leave him behind just yet.

Anyway, after a very brief fight, we overcome the now former owner of the garthok. I really only intended to knock the guy out, take his stuff and leave but Nierest insisted on killing him and did so. Skylar helped him hide the body and we finally moved on.

Entry 3
We camped for a night and woke up the next day with these red crystals that had come up out of the ground around us. Pretty much uninteresting. Nothing eventful to note about them.

After moving along a brief while we came across a small town. Apparently no one was able to talk except for this old lady in one house. Nierest, Skylar and I check out the house, while Shiro, being Shiro, went to the local tavern.

The old lady told us some story about some guy with a device that caused everyone to not be able to talk any more. This doesn’t progress my task of getting back to Thaemor so I don’t really care. But then she seemed to pass out and die. At least I think she died. I pulled out a mirror and held it to her nose and mouth. I don’t know what that’s supposed to do but I’ve seen priests do it. I don’t think I was doing it right. Will have to ask a priest to show me again.

Me and Nierest quickly do a search in the old lady’s house. Look, if she’s dead, she doesn’t need this stuff any more. Skylar managed to push Nierest out of the house but I was able to drag her around and complete my search while she held on to me. I did finally find a speed boost that will be helpful and a turret looking thing, that might be helpful later.

As we were leaving the old lady woke up. Oops. I guess she wasn’t dead after all. I really need to learn how to use the mirror right.

Entry 4
Thankfully Skylar is a skilled hunter and was able to provide us with some mufficorn meat as we were running low on rations. I’m glad Nierest brought her along with us.

Entry 5
While we were checking out the town where nobody talks, we ran into a couple other travelers who had a few more garthoks with them. Since we left the town, Nierest has been leading us in their direction to track them down. There was no mistaking the real reason we were trying to catch up with them – we wanted their garthoks, and any other supplies we could get from them.

We finally catch up to them and Nierest immediately starts to tell them of this story about our journey to Ancuan, some of it was true but he told them we were from some other place and not Thaemor. I’m a very proud Thaemorian and disagreed with what Nierest was telling them but he is a talker and knows how to wheel and deal with this sort so I guess that’s okay.

It wasn’t too long after we went to sleep, with Nierest and one of the other guys on watch, that Nierest woke me with a kick to my legs. I guess they decided to attempt to ambush us – bad idea.

In the midst of the small skirmish I dutifully announce that I’m from Thaemor as I’m showing them my skills at dodging their feeble attacks. They must know this before they die and yes, they die. A couple of them even attempted to run away but I quickly stunned one and the other was put down just as quickly.

Entry 6
After finally sorting through all of the supplies, measuring and securing backpacks to garthoks and all that, we actually get moving again.

I finally have my own garthok, after Nierest mind-blasted a poor guy that didn’t have much to begin with. Oh well. It is now mine.

A few days later we managed to make our way outside of Gtharren, the location of some famous crystal. When we got there we had to cross through a checkpoint. Securing myself to my garthok, I lead the way as we charged through the middle of the checkpoint, scattering the guards everywhere. Unfortunately, Nierest wasn’t able to make it through and we had to stop and fight our way through. Not too much of a challenge, however one did get away with some sort of winged thing that swooped down and picked him up. We were unable to hit him.

Continuing on to Gtharren we finally got to the crystal, which happened to be purple. I don’t understand why but this really excited Shiro and Skylar. A being then materialized and told us not to get too close to the crystal, but if we went to some lake and brought him back some sort of artifact that he’d reconsider.

We eventually found the lake. Nierest, Shiro and Skylar all wanted to take a closer look and moved up to the edge. Finding an excellent opportunity to play a joke, I crept up behind Shiro and gave a quick shove, being careful to catch him. But instead, he proceeded to jump into the lake! I didn’t realize I had scared him that much. I really need to be more careful with my practical jokes.

When Shiro jumped in, the lake waters parted and he fell straight to the bottom. It looked like it hurt. I was too busy laughing. Seeing that the water opened up before Shiro, the rest of us safely climbed down to the lake bottom. We walked to the center, the water still parting before us, where we came upon a door with a keypad. The buttons on the keypad had strange writing that I did not recognize. It made me feel uncomfortable.

Nierest managed to use a cypher and asked the datasphere what the passcode for the door was. He was able to enter in the code and the door opened. Everyone stepped inside except for me. I stayed outside and kept the door open just in case it was a trap. The others proceeded inside and I lost sight of them. Surely they’re okay. Right?

Tuck's Journal, Session 3

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