Tuck's Journal, Session 2

Entry 1

I think I’ve made a huge mistake.

By saving Shiro’s life, I may have unknowingly saved the life of a mass murderer, or serial killer. Or maybe he just has something against naked women. But I now realize I need to keep a closer eye on him.

Nierest finally pulled me out of that fake reality the screwed-up-face being put us in. The pain of the spike/device being pulled out of the back of my head was horrible; the worst I’ve ever experienced. We got the others, Skylar and Shiro, unplugged and Skylar blew it’s brains up. After looking around a bit, I found a nifty tube that provides food when used. Sure it’s a grey paste but is going to come in handy!

Entry 2
We finally made it to Glavis. I was haggling with this really gullible Kaahr renter (down to three shins!) when Shiro decided to smash through the windscreen. That little burst of vandalism ended up costing him a night in jail and 25 shins. Of course, the Kaahr renter wouldn’t do business with me any more…and I was on a roll too!

We went to visit Shiro behind bars, smelled terribly of urine…pretty much the same as the cells in Auspar, and the treatment from the guards was what I would’ve expected, nothing less.

It took many days and way too many distractions but I was finally able to complete my task and deliver King Holva’s message to King Asour-Mantir. He was very welcoming, gave us food (chicken!), wine and lodging. Unfortunately no usable parts in what they called a “toilet” in the bathroom.

Entry 3
Apparently Shiro got out of jail last night, at some point. I think Nierest negotiated something with the king but I wasn’t paying attention as I was eating. Must remember to try paying attention AND eat at the same time.

Anyway, we were greeted by the king, who is still waiting for the message from Holva to be translated and he mentioned that he lost a knight, Sir Edward, and asked us to go find him. So I’m working for this guy now? King Holva better not be trading me off…again!

Entry 4
We traveled the short distance to Graze (he seriously couldn’t bother to send a small group of guards instead?) and quickly found Sir Edward. Well, the dead remains of him. And some little girl who got really angry at me and some how threw me against the wall. She wanted us to go find something for her in some ruins or something. Now some evil kid is giving me orders?! Screw that! We found Sir Edward, got his signet ring and our job is done. We hauled ass back to King Asour-Mantir. When we got back, what an asshole he became when we told him what happened to his knight. What did he expect? All of a sudden, next thing I know, we’re having to run for our lives, but I was tripped up by a cleverly designed ridge in the floor meant to catch my foot and send me to the floor.

Guards quickly grabbed me, Nierest and Skylar while Shiro got away. As they dragged us to the castle dungeon, I was strategically looking for a weakness and planning my escape. When the guard tried to fasten my wrists to shackles hanging from the ceiling, I made my move.

When it was all over, I ended up taking on three guards at a time as Skylar and Nierest slowly wore them down. They were quickly dispatched when they turned tail and ran. That’s right, we overpowered his king’s guards. Proves what I was thinking about how inadequate this king is at being able to defend his kingdom. Holva would be interested in knowing this.

Skylar managed to lead us back out of the castle (even though I’m sure I could’ve done it), where Shiro happened to meet us at front with a Kaahr. I’m almost sure he stole it. But then we left the Kaahr back at the renter’s place and ran out of the city as fast as we could, with the king’s ineffective guards slacking behind.

Skylar, with a nose for this sort of thing, found us a cave to hide in. I suspect we’ll camp here for the night and make our way back to Auspar in Thaemor to let King Holva know that we can invade Ancuan without much of a fight!

Tuck's Journal, Session 2

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