Entry 1

We’re fugitives and now murderers.

Tuck really wanted to return to Thaemor to tell our own King (funny I can’t remember his name either) what happened. I was just anxious to get the hell out of Ancuan before we get captured. we had heard of this place in Iscobal that has the Getharren crystal. I have no idea what it is, but I MUST know. Maybe it’s what Nierest and I have been looking for.

Nierest, being incredibly tired of walking, wanted to acquire mounts as soon as possible. I didn’t blame him that much, my legs really hate me right now. Judging by his tone I had a feeling it would be by less than honorable means. And thus, our roadside terror began.

We came across one poor traveler who had a Garthok with him. Deciding to forgo any social interaction, Nierest and Tuck positioned themselves for action, while Shiro went ahead to flank him. Tuck’s fondness for violence seemed to have rubbed off on Nierest. He and I are going to have to have a talk. Poor dear Shiro. Once the others started to attack, he involuntarily reunited with his old friend: the ground. Some cross words must have been said since their last encounter, because Shiro was facing the sky this time when he fell.

After a few moments, Tuck rendered the man unconscious, but Nierest was intent on ending his life. This poor, innocent man who’s only crime is happening upon us. Even Tuck didn’t want to kill him. But once Nierest sets his mind on something, little can change it. In the end, we acquired our first Garthok.

Nierest then examined an artifact he found amongst the traveller’s remains. He says when he wears it he could see a short moment that’s to come when he’s being attacked. That should be very helpful in the inevitable battles we’re sure to get in. I wonder if we’ll be able to use it in that one cavern Nierest and I found a while back. I guess stealing from unsuspecting passerbys isn’t so bad. Still, we don’t have to kill them…

Entry 2

Disappearing red crystals and silent villages. What will they think of next?

We woke up the next morning to find red crystals coming out of the ground. They had appeared around sunrise during Shiro’s watch. He said they made a “ping” sound when you touch them. Tuck and Nierest were very much so not interested and wanted to leave. They really need to embrace their sense of wonder. Much to my anguish, we moved on, the mystery of the red crystals unsolved.

We came across a quaint little town on our way to Getharren. It was a very unassuming place. You wouldn’t have thought much about it, except it was eerily quiet. No one in the town could talk. The only sound we heard was a smith’s hammer banging on an anvil.

I followed the sound of the hammer, hoping to get some more bolts for my crossbow. With the way things were going, I will need them. As if things weren’t strange enough, the blacksmith wasn’t actually making anything. He was just striking the anvil with his hammer. I then had one of my occasional “special” moments and mimed what I wanted from him. It took me a moment to remember they could hear just fine even though they didn’t talk. I’m just glad the guys weren’t around to witness my blunder.

As I reunited with my comrades, three men with a couple of Garthoks entered the town. They must have not originated from the town, because they were able to talk just fine. Nierest immediately went up and talked with them. I was fairly certain they were going to be his next victims. He wanted to “travel” along with them “for the company.” Right. Tuck wanted to explore the town a little more and I was also curious about the place.

Every time we asked a villager why they couldn’t talk, they’d all point to one specific house. We decided to go there to check things out, except for Shiro. He was at the local tavern, drinking. Don’t blame him, he had a rough day. This very sweet elderly lady answered the door and invited us into her house. Unlike the rest of the villagers she was able to talk, though her voice was low ans raspy. We sat down and she told us her story.

A long time ago, a man brought some sort of device into the town that rendered the villagers silent since. Eventually they chased him out of town with the devise but they still were unable to speak. It seemed once they started nearing the end of their life, the villagers regain their voices. Another odd thing she revealed, they also had no need for nourishment. No food is needed whatsoever. Though for some reason they keep their tavern stocked with ale.

As she finished her story the woman’s eyes closed. She appeared to have passed into the next life. To my horror, Tuck and Nierest took the opportunity to rummage through the house looking for valuables. I managed to lock Nierest out of the house but Tuck was much too strong for me. He pulled me around. He ended up finding a couple of cyphers in the woman’s things. Happy with his find, he finally was ready to leave. Suddenly, the woman woke up and wished us well as we left. I felt horrible. As if murdering an innocent man wasn’t bad enough, we now have stolen from a sweet elderly lady. Our morality has been warped.

We met up with the men we met earlier in the day after I killed a mufficorn for food. They were kind enough to share their campsite and fire, where I took the opportunity to cook the meat while Nierest wove a false tale of Tuck’s misfortune. Thoroughly entertained by the story, and having finished my task, we decided to turn in for the night. The strangers were adament they take the first watch. Not trusting their intentions Nierest, almost as if reading my mind, suggested sharing watch duties while the rest of us got ready for sleep. This is almost certainly a trap.

Entry 3

It was totally a trap.


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