Nierest's Journal - Session 2

Entry 1

A plan succeeded but not.

Master is dead. Skylar took him out with a brilliant piece of tactical thinking. But, let me backtrack a bit. Master abandoned us within the cloud dream of an alternate present. He threw us all back in to what was real but was not really real. My companions were stymied and no one seemed capable of forming a fruitful plan.

I pierced the veil of the dream by entering a trance. For the briefest of moments I had clarity of reality whereby I saw what was happening: We were fastened to metal beds and surrounded by synth. Each of us had metallic tubes inserted into our apical orifices. The dull gleam of metal and synth pulsed with each appropriated heartbeat of our bodies.

When I returned to the vision world I found that Shiro, ahh special Shiro, had begun to slaughter the innocent dreamgirls of his own fantasy. He is something else. My concomitants watched with the slack-jawed astonishment of the truly dumbfounded.

Skylar and Shiro tried to help me focus on the true reality so I could form the Numenera into a rage against the machine. Unfortunately, my mind rebelled and refused to discard the confines of the shared vision. I had to try the original plan.

I called to Master quietly and told him that we needed to talk. I could present a solution for his difficulty in our disbelieving of the shared dreamstate. He pulled me away from the others, or rather, he separated me from the shared reality into our own. Here, I prevailed upon him that in return for releasing me I would convince the others to stop fighting the dream and accept it. He believed me and sent me back. It took some doing but I convinced the others to trust in me and to release their doubts about this reality. To accept it and, even, to embrace it.

My work in building Tuck’s trust was vital to this. I am glad I had the foresight to begin pullulating the nascent bond that Tuck feels towards me. Skylar I knew would question but I guessed that if Tuck backed me she would capitulate. Shiro, well, he would accept. The moment all agreed to stop fighting the forced verisimilitude of perception I was released back to the real.

The pain of that moment can never be forgotten. It will haunt my dreams for an eternity. How to describe the incandescent torment of the tubes being extruded from my mouth? That scintillating agony of metal scraping against the INSIDE of my body as I lay there helpless. I took only a few steadying breaths and staggered to Tuck where I… removed the tubes from his body.

I must admit that in my unsteady and tortured state I may have been a tad uncouth in the extraction. I fell back as the vile sewers of delusions pulled free only to realize I failed to separate Tuck from the head leech. I feel a momentary pang of remorse for the pain Tuck probably experienced but given that I saved everyone (again) it is an acceptable residuum. Besides, it is Tuck. He might not even have felt anything. It’s not like it would be a new experience for him.

I showed Tuck what to do and left him to release the others from their induced slumbers. As he did so I maintained a courageous vigil against the inevitable eventuality of Master’s acrimony. As Shiro was liberated Master emerged from the wall. Tuck’s reaction was a mite faster than my own and together we surged into action against the jailer of our minds.

And yet, it was Skylar who destroyed Master. She used one of her cyphers and popped his head like a tiny bubble pierced by a pin.

With Master destroyed the silver gleam of the walls faded to a muted vapid carcass. Tuck was fascinated by the synth tubing and salvaged part of some into something that appears to create noxious slurry that he delights in masticating. That malodorous substance reeks with a vile putridness that sets the eyes to watering from its mere proximity. Tuck truly seems to enjoy ingesting it. I am surprised the others have not figured out what he is.

With Master gone and the synth failing it seems it is time to move. I did not learn what I wanted to but I suspect if I practice what I saw in those glimpses of clarity I might be able to replicate the effects to a lesser extent.

Entry 2

How can one fully express the delights and delectation of a soft bed? If only this night’s relaxation was not marred by Shiro’s aberrant snoring.

We arrived at Glavis in good order. The trip was unassuming and quiet. Gaining entry to the settlement was not a challenge. All was proceeding smoothly until Shiro happened.

I suggested the use of a carriage to bring us to the Castle. After all, the Castle is at least ten miles from the town proper. I was tired of walking. A carriage was the obvious and simple solution to that immediate predicament. Tuck was accosted by an enterprising purveyor of transportative methods who recognized Tuck for what he is: an easy mark. Negotiations were proceeding as one would imagine with Tuck (extremely well for the merchant) and were quite entertaining to observe when Shiro.

Shiro snuck into one of the “kaars” that were being displayed. The moment Skylar and I caught sight of this we ambled away in the casual manner of one not knowing the others. We were a fair distance away when we heard shouting followed by silence. A quick inspection confirmed the worst suspicions: yes, Shiro was caught and Tuck was shouting silently at a gaggle of guards. The guards were efficient in their capture of Shiro and began dragging him off even as Skylar and I hurried back to intercede.

While Shiro was taken away, there was nothing I could do to prevent that, I spoke with the merchant and settled matters. We owed him nothing and he was happy. That is how all conclusions to such incidents should be handled. With the merchant glad to see us off, the trio of us went to the prison to check on Shiro and determine if there was any way we could secure his release.

Unfortunately, the guards were rather obdurate about Shiro’s visitation and we were unable to come to an amenable arrangement. The local populace derived great pleasure in… watering… Shiro. Seeing that he was well in hand we made our way, on our tired feet, to the Castle.

We met with the King. Tuck passed on the message orb. I had a delightful conversation with the King who clearly recognized capability and in observing this begged of us our assistance in tracking down his friend. We managed to secure free lodgings in the Castle and even obtained the early release of Shiro.

I spoke briefly with Shiro upon his arrival to the Castle about his adventure and rationally presented the view that one should engage in some minor planning before attempting a heist in daylight, in full view of a bevy of guards, and with dozens, if not hundreds, of witnesses. Not to mention with having the owner of the mark in plain sight and watching. Still, he did manage to get in without being seen which is rather remarkable. That might be valuable to exploit at a later time.

In the morning we will set off for Graze to track down Sir Edward, the King’s friend.

Entry 3

It was quick. It was fast. It was a success. We go to war.

Sir Edward was easy to find. He was the corpse in blue next to the nightmare girl. I managed to convince the possessed girl that I needed Edward’s ring to be able to go get the “it” she wanted. Once we had the ring we immediately left Graze and returned to Glavis.

There is one note to make mention of: the girl’s aura was dense and of another taste. I suspect it was a field that was tampering with her thoughts and capabilities. I will ruminate on what I saw and attempt to recreate it. I suspect I might be able to cause a similar thickening around an entity if I work on it.

The King was not particularly pleased to hear the news of Edward’s demise. He made his displeasure known through the means of guards, bared weapons, a jail, and some rather vigorous prodding to get us to said accommodations. Shiro and I were quick on our feet the moment we saw Skylar and Tuck try to make a run for it. Shiro was at the door of the hall by the time Tuck fell to the ground. I was clear to get out but I stopped to stay.

Why did I do that? I will have to dwell on that. Of course, I couldn’t leave Skylar behind and I need to continue to build up Tuck. Yes, that is it, it was for my betterment, of course, that I remained and put myself in harm’s way and into the hands of the guards.

Two guards chased Shiro out while the remainder, three, escorted Skylar, Tuck, and I to a suitably furnished cell. Shackles and everything.

As we were being prepared to be fitted for our new iron jewelry, tastefully designed as thick bands secured to the wall, Tuck struck out at his escort. Immediately after that, I attempted to blast my own chaperon. From there things escalated quickly.

By the end, four guards lay dead, two terminated by myself and two by Skylar. Tuck kept most of them occupied allowing us to handle matters. He is a scary beast when provoked.

I gave Skylar my peeker and she led us out of the castle. I can always rely on her and her sense of direction. I remember that one time in the tunnels beneath… but, I digress. What awaited us as we emerged from the Castle was, and remains, astounding: Shiro.

Shiro who led two guards away from us had somehow managed to come back to the Castle with a kaar. I knew there was something about Shiro. With his presence of mind to do that we were able to escape not only the castle but the town itself. Without Shiro we would have had to have remained out of sight in Glavis as they searched for us. Yes, Shiro happened.

As I finish writing, we find ourselves close to Master cave. Skylar is reluctant to return to it which is partially understandable although I would like to spend some time there to see if I can learn anything more. But, with Master’s death, the Numenera fell silent so perhaps it is for the best. We will travel back to Thaemor. Perhaps after that we will return to Glavis and tie off the loose end who tried to put us in shackles.

Nierest's Journal - Session 2

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