Journal 2

Entry 6

I may have gotten a tad angry…. and my blood rage set in. i had cut up all the naked women in the metal man’s dream world probably not the best thing to show my comrades. Seems Nierest had struck a deal with the metal man and it let us leave. but not without a fight. when we awoke we were in a cave and apparently hooked up to some weird machines and tubes. I felt sick but i seemed to be the least damaged. Skylar took out the metal man with her poison arrow, made the man’s head explode. i was pretty happy about it :3. well seems our quest will continue…

Entry 7
Welp I’m in jail… fucking people in this town suck. all i did was want to know how this KHARRRR worked it seemed interesting to me and Tuck was taking to long cant blame me…
So the jail sucks people piss and spit on me as they pass but thats fine i have all their faces memorized… ill get my revenge on them my blade shall taste their blood. Thankfully Nierest got me out in the middle of the night. Gave me a stern talking too whatever he said we can steal a KHARRRR some other time.

Entry 8
So this king has a quest for us really don’t want to go but i don’t really have a choice. one of his knights had gone missing in a town to the north and we need to find out what happened to him. Seems like something a normal guard can do but whatever. We found a cyhper shop and i got two discs that float around my wrist… perhaps i can weaponize these. Figured i might as well sell my water container but it needs to be appraised first? Fine whatever 28 hours and ill get lots of shins for it hopefully. also bought a box for my remaining cypher which ill now call the holy hand grenade.

Entry 9
boat…. i want my boat…

Entry 10
The knights dead killed with the rest of the town by some demon possessed girl. Don’t even want to talk about it…

Entry 11
I saved the day. Apparently Tuck’s King wishes to declare war on this king and we delivered the message of war… i got out thankfully though the other got caught. I had t save them and redeem myself i ran to get the appraisal and ran to the cypher shop got 25 shins for the water container. Used it to pay back the KHARRRR dealer and got him to let me use the KHARRRR to pick up everyone. In the end we ended up back in a cave hiding planing what we are gonna do next….

Journal 2

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