Entry 1

So it seems we have decided to head toward Thaemor through Isocbal though its gonna take FORRR EVEEERRRRR to get there. Plus i doubt itll be a safe trip they never seem to be… Nierest brought up the idea of get mounts and by getting he meant stealling i happily agreed to this idea. By chance we found a man with a Garthok and quickly relieved the man of his mount and a few lovely shins (Yay monies). Nierest then killed the guy… welp glad im not the only blood thirsty man here.. i should buy Nierest a drink sometime. Soon enough we came across the lovely village of Tacit. And by lovely I mean very quiet. Its seems the village was cursed and the villagers lost their ability to speak. I enjoy the quietness of this place wouldnt mind living her someday. i found some nice working men taking a break and sat with them to join them for a drink [one drink dont wanna go overboard again]. The other went somewhere dont know where… eventually they came back as a group of three men came in with some Garthoks. I eyed Nierest and he went over to introduce himself and asked some questions. they passed through the town rather quickly and we began to follow behind as night slowly fell we came across their camp and joined them… Sigh stupid trio was a bunch of bandits and had three more people jump us. We dispatched them nicely. i collected one of the bandits packs and filled it with their weapons tying it to one of the Garthoks claiming it as mine. [ I named him Horse - he is much smarter than the other Garthoks].

Entry 2

Welp we just “jumped the border” in a sort… seems the King had already sent word to the border guards to lookout for us. Of course armed with 4 Garthoks we had no problems getting through… well except for Nierest he had abit of trouble Skylar went back for him. I should have kept going… but they were of some use to my plans… I shall keep these to myself for now. We killed most of the guards but one escaped.. not good he is sure to alert King Ass. of our escape from the territory. We hastened to the ruins of Gtharren where we were going to camp.

Entry 3

OH MY GODS. A HUGE PURPLE CRYSTAL. oh and a mean old man. if we are to see the crystal he wants us to find something for him in a ruin. so we made way to the ruins we found a lake and tuck tried to push me in. Ass <.>< oh well it looked deep enough so i jumped in. though i should have expected what came to be. the water parted and i fell ten feet into the ground below. sigh. i looked around and found a strange door only visible from one side. Me Skylar and Nierest entered Tuck stayed out side to make sure we dont get ambushed. we enter and found a cube shaped room with one other door. We procceded through that door and ended up in a Dome shaped room with other dome around. looking through the dome we saw blue rocks and stars. This place was also beautiful….heh…


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