Nierest Kasian

A Clever Nano who Wields Power With Precision


Dark, almost inky brown, hair darts haphazardly away from this young man’s head. The thin locks are roughly shorn and are held to within a finger’s length. An occasional dark bead, perhaps black glass or obsidian, attempt to bring order to the chaos of his unruly mess. Beneath the occasional dark lock that hangs forward is a pair of dark grey eyes. His skin is pale, surprisingly pale perhaps, in that it is almost a pristine white. Breaking the purity of the milky surface is a web of what appear to be thin tattoos: dark sinuous lines that flow in intricate patterns bringing darkness to the light. The lines shimmer black across the pallid surface, a rippling of darkness that flow against the lithe contours of his lithe musculature.

His clothing is a collection of different shades of grey and black. He wears a jacket that is a mottled black, a shirt that is dark grey, a pair of sturdy pants lined with pockets that is appears to be grey stained dark in places. His boots are black and look to be flexible, soft soled, and waterproof.

He has a black, oil-skinned backpack that rests easily with some familiarity upon his back. He lacks any obvious weaponry although some of his pockets bulge and the pack obviously contains something. He has a few jewelry items that you might notice: a purple bracelet that is translucent although it is usually hidden from sight beneath the cuff of his jacket, a series of dark red metallic rings that are linked together by a thin silvery chain adorn the fingers of his right hand, and a black metal chain necklace.


Nierest grew up in the city, which city is still subject to change, where he gravitated towards conning people in grandiose plans that often did not quite work out as planned. The plans were great, perhaps brilliant, but unfortunately a detail would derail the outcome and leave Nierest having to lie his way out – which he would do quite successfully.

As Nierest aged and came to puberty he discovered that he could feel the Numenera. Perhaps feel is the wrong term for what he can do. He can sense the Numenera with his mind. He has a vague impression almost superimposed over his vision when he concentrates on the Numenera that infuses everything. Once he discovered this he immediately began seeking out a way to control it.

Nierest has never had a true teacher so he has learned when he can through his own meddling and clumsy attempts at making the Numenera respond. He struggles to refine his control because he believes, fundamentally, that he can perfect his abilities.

There were two major events in this youthful time of his life that acted as catalysts for awakening the control of his abilities:

First, when he was around thirteen he had talked some “friends” into a plan to steal some valuable cyphers. His end game was to double cross his “friends” and take the cyphers for himself while blaming a rival of this final theft. Unfortunately, things did not quite work out that way in that his rival really did try to steal the cyphers. Just as he was ready to spring his own deception his rival moved in with a small band. It was an ambush. Nierest managed to survive solely because he managed to form a shield around his body channeling the Numenera. This shield, commonly known as a Ward, has surrounded him ever since. Without it, Nierest would have died. Beneath his gear, Nierest has a series of brutal scars that are a memento to that near fatal event.

The Second was a few years later when Nierest was walking through the back alleys and was attacked by the guards of a disgruntled merchant. Nierest had managed to pass off a few random useless bits of metal as “powerful Cyphers” and was paid good (10) shin for them. Feeling cornered because he was, Nierest lashed out mindlessly and managed to direct the Numenera into a series of attacks. Before he fully realized what he had done Nierest had killed his would-be assailants. Fearing reprisals, Nierest fled the scene as quickly as he could and, as luck would have it, chanced upon a young woman who was about to descend into some tunnels.

Nierest latched on to her by convincing her that he would be a great asset to her exploration. The girl’s name was Skylar and they have traveled regularly together ever since. Nierest finds that when Skylar and him work together they manage to complete more challenging tasks than when he would try something alone. Besides, with Skylar’s sense of adventure and exploration guiding the path Nierest has managed to discover a couple books on Numenera that are starting to clarify just he can do.

Nierest Kasian

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